Show your medium article as a card on your GitHub profile readme

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Back in July 2020, GitHub releases a new feature that allows you to create a custom profile (ex: Add medium article to GitHub Profile Readme), today people just call it ‘profile readme’. For creating a custom profile you need to create a repository with the same name as your GitHub account and create a readme file, for further information you can go to GitHub docs here. Below is an example, I use my profile:

Cut your precious time while waiting pipeline with ease and low cost using docker as modern continuous integration environments container

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This is my first time create my own Docker image for my Android app development, previously I use shared Docker image from GitHub or any online platform and use it in my Android development Continuous Integration yml file. Ya, it takes time for first installation and setup but if you do that, believe me you can cut off your pipeline time and makes you more productive. …

Simple step to deploy your flutter web app to free host using GitHub Pages and setup your own domain

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Almost a year ago, Flutter launch support for build web application. Flutter provide a portable toolkit for building beautiful experiences wherever you might want to paint pixels on the screen. Given the pervasiveness of the web, it’s a natural place to experiment with Flutter, but its characteristics are different from a mobile platform like Android and iOS. Now Flutter Web reach beta phase and can be tried from Flutter’s beta channel. Lot of bugs already fix, until now big update that…

1 simple setup for globally log you Android Activity and Fragment, Imagine how simple is it! This is second part of previous article that I’m continue work on and make it a small library.

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Several weeks a go I made an article about activity lifecycle listener. Then I start some research how to listen fragment lifecycle, but I’m trying to avoid to use LifecycleObserver, that one is part of AndroidJetpack you can read more about it here. My research give me some result and now I can listen to fragment lifecycle too.

Introducing, Jotter

Ya, finally I’m able listening to activity and fragment event at the same time without adding one by one ~you can read here in my previous article~. After that I wrap all of my code into an Android Library so others devs…

Imagine how simple if you only need 1 class for globally log all of your Android Activity Lifecycle in the whole app

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Hi guys, this is my new article about how to listening to Activity Lifecycle events. So, why I write this? Actually this is some task at my office, we need to log every activity lifecycle and send it to our analytics. At that time I’m not work on this but my colleague (2 person) do that. They finish it, code being reviewed, and we release it in production, but I just realize around 1 week a go that it cost too much for just only listening to the lifecycle event. Why? Our architecture forming as modular so for listening to…

Gradle illustration (

It’s been long time since I write article about Android because now I’m more interest in Flutter world. Several days ago I found interesting way about Gradle on the sidelines of my free time, this week I have 3 days off and 2 days free time in weekend so I decide to write it. Here we come.

Gradle? I play with it everyday!
As you know, we as Android Engineer must know about what Gradle is. Gradle is build system used since Android Studio exist. So if you are old schoolers in Android world, maybe you never see it in Eclipse…

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After several time code with flutter, I learn how to communicate between Flutter and Native code. It’s something like you make a bridge from your Flutter code and then it will connect to the other side in Native code. The fact is Flutter allow us to communicate from Dart code to Kotlin/Java in Android and Objective C/Swift in iOS, this is not new but for me it’s something new. So I want to share how I do in sample code.

Getting Started

At the beginning, I assume you already own your Flutter SDK, Android SDK, XCode (with iOS SDK absolutely), and integrate…

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Hello everyone, as usual I write this article when commuting in public transportation. So this article will tell you about what language you choose when developing Android SDK and Android application based on my experience when used it.

Why Java? Kotlin is a “magic” man!

Since Google announce Kotlin at Google I/O 2017 I learn lot of Kotlin stuff, I use it for production since October 2017 and I think it’s more fun than Java. But I think it make new question for newcomer when starting Android Development for what language should I use for Android, Java or Kotlin. If you compare it, obviously most Android Developer…

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Hello, today I will tell you about my experience when creating Android SDK using Builder Pattern in Java or Kotlin from scratch. So, what’s Builder Design Pattern? Based on some article from Internet, Builder Design Pattern is a way to builds a complex object using simple objects and using a step by step approach or usually call chaining. This type of design pattern comes under creational pattern as this pattern provides one of the best ways to create an object.

I use this Builder Design Pattern in some of my open source project in github (you can visit my github…

Hi everyone, I not write here for a several time since I focus on my real life. So today I want share why I’m appear in Google Developers Directory’s site. As you know last year I’m taking Google Associate Android Developers certification by Scholarship from Udacity, an online learning that collaborate with Google to organize Google Certification.

My profile on Google Developers Directory

So, what’s the Google Developers Directory?
Google Developers Directory is a global directory of developers who are certified by the Google Developers Certification team, and who have agreed to be listed. …

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